Delivered by independent feature film maker George Clarke, the Yellow Fever Film Academy will provide a 20-week course for independent film production students entailing writing, camera work, sound, acting, action and editing. The course offers each student to take part in the production of a full feature film with Yellow Fever Productions, resulting in a big screen premiere, festival run and distribution via DVD and VOD.


This will be an educational experience for all students with an in-depth, practical approach backed by an award winning team who offer over 10 years of film experience, inspiration and knowledge as well as featuring guest speakers, writers, actors and industry professionals.

Yellow Fever Productions was founded in 2007 by George Clarke with the launch of his first feature film as a writer and director. Since then George has made 7 feature films as well as a host of shorts, documentaries, music videos and more. His work has won as many awards all over the world and has been released on DVD and VOD globally. He has talked on film making at schools and universities from Northern Ireland to New York, worked with the BBC and provided audio commentary and interviews for Jackie Chan films released on blu-ray from 88 Films. George also runs the annual Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival which attracts a large number of fans and film makers from around the world.

Why the YFFA course is unique -


Students make a short film and a feature film on this course. These films are GUARANTEED a cinematic premiere and worldwide distribution on DVD and VOD, and GUARANTEED festival screenings.


This gives a hands-on practical experience and insight into film making while working with an award winning team of film makers and hearing from industry professionals.


Our aim is to inspire and encourage you to follow your dream, offering you as much genuine help and support during (and after) the course as we possibly can. This includes help with placements, production support and more.


The YFFA is the only course based in the UK & Ireland that offers the experience of a full feature film project by the students. The result in completion of this course delivers a full film credit for work on the feature film, and graduation with a qualification in Film Making.



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